Workplace Safety Tips

Posted by Omega Security on January 23, 2014

business security companiesCompanies today must contend with hundreds of laws and rules regarding proper workplace safety and security. It’s important for employees tasked with providing a safe and secure environment know about the rules created by the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA). These rules keep employees from harm when they’re on company property and are engaged in company work.

Developing a Plan

Creating a safe environment for workers starts with a comprehensive plan that takes several facets of security into consideration including fire hazards, crime, cleanliness and general safety. Each company needs a different plan since the responsibilities of employees and the working environment may vary depending on location and industry.

A full safety plan isn’t something that can be designed in a day. Consulting with professionals, looking at common safety procedures and being aware of common sources of danger are topics to be discussed during the planning phase.

Reducing the Likelihood of Falls

A simple fall might not seem significant, but falls can cause spinal cord injuries, fractures and even concussions. Slippery floors and crowded offices are prime spots for falls to occur.

Company owners may want to use non-slip flooring or require employees to wear shoes designed to preventa fall on slippery terrain. A company may either give shoes to employees as part of its overhead budget or employees may be given a list of appropriate shoes to buy and wear at work.

Confronting Fire Hazards

All workplaces must be protected from fire with a Miami security system that features smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms to alert authorities if a fire breaks out that requires professional assistance.

Additionally, every employee must be well-versed on how to exit the premises in case of an emergency. Creating and practicing an evacuation plan should be a yearly project. In addition to practicing the evacuation plan, smoke alarms, fire exits and the security system should be tested regularly.

Preventing Crime

Crime prevention is a dynamic area of workplace safety, and the first step in preventing crime is having a working security system. Business security companies can assess your current alarm system and make recommendations for updated systems if necessary.

In addition to state-of-the-art security monitoring, creating standard procedures for dealing with crime should be high on the priority list.

For example, a company might create a standard policy that requires all employees working in a retail environment to hand over money if they are being robbed. Active, updated security cameras are essential for safe environments where perpetrators may be recorded and eventually caught by law enforcement.

Keeping the Workplace Clean

A messy workplace leads to accidents, and a dirty work environment breeds disease and sickness. All businesses need to take care of employees by providing a clean working environment. Schedule regular visits from a janitorial company and advise employees to keep the workplace clean.

Some companies may want to go further and create rules for basic employee behavior. For example, employees might be prohibited from eating at their desks in an office or bringing food to the assembly line in a manufacturing environment.

All companies must keep an eye on employees and safety procedures. Update procedures, safety protocols and equipment on a yearly basis to reduce the chance of employee injury.