What CCTV can do for Your Business

Posted by Omega Security on April 2, 2014

There has been a lot of discussion on the use of closed circuit television (CCTV) in the workplace. The question over the privacy issue and whether watching employees at work is an invasive violation, and if having CCTV is actually a cost-effective method of crime deterrence. These topics all have merit and are worth contemplating, but there seems to be little doubt that using CCTV responsibly and with planned purpose can provide significant advantages to your business.

Not every business needs CCTV and to add a system would just be throwing away good money. But those that do should use a professional to ensure that the proper equipment is used per your business’ needs and that placement of the cameras is done in such a manner that you get maximum effectiveness without stepping over the bounds of discretion. DIY can save money, but you definitely risk losing optimum efficiency and money by not choosing the right equipment, not covering all of the area you need to monitor, or avoiding any legal pitfalls.

Getting past all that, it all boils down to electronic eyes and memory. Human eyes and memory are limited and fallible. When we see something, it becomes increasingly more difficult to recall what it was that we saw; colors become vague, sequence of events start to unravel and details fade. Our eyes get tired, we lose focus and can get easily distracted, and our decisions are mostly based on some sort of subjectivity. When you get down to it, we just can’t beat the machine for preciseness, focus and longevity of memory. And, while digital electronics do have some weaknesses, like a dependence upon a power supply, by far you can’t beat the reliability of digital technology.

A CCTV system, if installed correctly, can provide some pretty substantial benefits for your business. Say your business is located downtown and uses a parking garage for the employees. CCTV is a great way to monitor your employees to increase their safety. You can also monitor who is at the door, who has pulled up in the back to drop off goods, what’s going on at the cashier’s window and so much more.

As a deterrent to theft, vandalism and other unsavory crimes, CCTV can provide some protection. Thieves do not want to get caught, of course, and closed circuit TV can be the perfect witness, providing the detail needed to find and prosecute the perpetrators, if resolution is high enough (a professional installer can help you with this). Many criminals have gone to jail after having been identified in a video recorded on a CCTV system. If the camera system is in operation and is located in a conspicuous place, thieves and vandals should think twice before risking their chances of getting spotted and recorded.

Another benefit is the ability to remotely manage the operations of your business. From the monitor you can track arriving and departing trucks, visitors, staff and whatever else you can devise. And “remote” takes on a whole new dimension with today’s wireless technology advances. You can monitor your video through your smartphone or tablet; from anywhere you have access to wifi. This is a big advantage to those who travel or are away from the office quite a bit.

The cost of a good CCTV system can be relatively expensive, but if you are a business who could definitely make use of such a system, the money is well worth it.