Sound Sleep Achieved With A Miami Home Security System Installed

Posted by Omega Security on November 13, 2012

As a resident of the greater Miami area, it’s hard to ignore the crime I see being reported on the Internet and the local news stations. Every week, I read or hear about a crime that’s been committed in a neighborhood close to mine or close to my sister’s home. I feel safe now though after installing a home security system in my Miami home. I wasn’t the first to get the unit though. Last year, my sister had a break-in just three houses down in her neighborhood and decided to install a home security unit inside of her house.

I had always been an old-school safety user and thought that burglar alarms in Miami weren’t needed, I live in a “safe” neighborhood. I figured that my deadbolted doors and locked up windows would be enough to stop an intruder from ravaging through my home when I was gone. After what my sister told me about the robbery in her neighborhood I had second thoughts about my lack of installing a home security system and the way I wasn’t protecting my family’s well-being and the assets on my property. Heaven forbid an intruder ever comes into my home when my family and I are there.

So after that incident in my sister’s neighborhood, she informed me about what had happened. The family had left on a short vacation and thought that they secured their Miami Beach home up safe. They had deadbolts on the doors and locks on their windows but no home security unit in place. When they returned home from the vacation they were surprised to find a stolen LCD big-screen TV, two laptop computers missing and multiple amounts of jewelry and money taken.

I’ll admit that my sister has always been the smarter of the two of us, and she immediately tracked down a local specialist of burglar alarms in Miami that offered a top-notch security system for her peace of mind and safety of her family. I was pretty impressed with what I saw. The unit installed was easy to use and I felt good that my 12-year-old niece could punch in the code and have the Miami home security unit turned on to protect the home while she waited for her mother to return from grocery shopping. The home security system was controlled by a central panel and connected to sensors located on specific doors and windows in the house.

The unit would send out a piercing alarm in the house whenever a sensor was triggered by an intruder. Once the alarm goes off, a local monitoring agency is notified and contacts the residents at the house. If the homeowners aren’t quickly reached, the monitoring agency sends a call to the emergency authorities to investigate the property for a likely intrusion. Accidentally, my sister’s daughter opened up her window one night before turning off the sensor to that entry. The monitoring service immediately contacted the home but was pleased to hear that it was an accident and the sensor was quickly disarmed while the window was open.

The security system I bought is the same and keeps me safe knowing my home is protected and so is my family. I sleep better at night and don’t have to worry when I take my family away for the weekend.