Social Media’s Effect on Home Security in Miami

Posted by Omega Security on September 13, 2013

Residential security in Miami and throughout Florida has become more complex due to the way we socialize via the Internet. Social media has expanded our village, and there’s a host of risks to our home security because of that. In order to manage these new risks, it’s necessary for families to take a proactive approach to them.

Be Proactively Private

Due to the nature of the Internet, and specifically platforms like Facebook, many of us tend to gravitate toward socialization and openness. Unfortunately, that behavior can undermine our home security and safety in other aspects of our lives. Therefore, we have to make a concerted effort to be private: Consider everything that you publish online and the channels you use to do it.

Limit Sensitive Data to Private Channels

Private channels include single-recipient emails, instant messages, personal messages and so forth. If you’re active on a Web forum and want to alert friends to an upcoming vacation, do so individually and by PM. Posting via the general forums certainly casts a wide net, but it also announces to anyone who cares that your home is going to be unprotected.

Limit Sensitive Data to Inner Circles

Facebook is a significant risk to security in Miami because it has become common practice to post vacation updates directly to the social network via smartphones and the like. This kind of behavior is alright but only if you’ve taken measures to ensure that only your trusted inner circle can see those posts.

Discuss Concerns with Your Inner Circle

Keep in mind that those in your inner circle can undermine your privacy efforts by posting your sensitive information on their channels. Speak with your family and friends, and share your concerns with them. Their participation is going to be vital to your continued success with this.

Discuss Internet Dangers with Your Children

Children are a considerable risk to home security because they simply lack the awareness that adults have. Sit down and impress on them the importance of not distributing sensitive information and maintaining privacy circles so that they can communicate with family and friends online without undermining the security of their immediate family.

Monitor Your Children’s Online Activities

Good parenting tends to depend on the unique needs of the child. Some kids are very mature and will follow through on your request without resistance. Many other children, however, will be unable to recognize the importance and thus continue to act in an unsafe manner. For these kids, it’s best to monitor their online activity and, if necessary, protect them from themselves.

Keep Up Appearances

Don’t overlook any online personas that you’ve developed. For instance, if you host an active Twitter feed or a blog, then be aware that sudden inactivity could be a cue for would-be thieves. If possible, continue to support those channels by posting to them while on vacation, and if that’s not possible, consider having a ghostwriter stand in for you.

Privacy Software

For optimal security in Miami, you’ll also want to have state-of-the-art privacy software running on every computing device in the home. Ensure that it’s updated, active and operating at all times. Privacy software is an excellent tool in defending against identity theft, and it can help a family to establish good privacy habits.