Security Companies in Miami Explain Carbon Monoxide Monitoring

Posted by Omega Security on August 21, 2013

Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless gas undetectable by the human senses. Carbon monoxide is produced when appliances burn fuel such as oil, gas, wood, pellet, kerosene and coal. When appliances are faulty and cannot vent their fumes outdoors, they allow carbon monoxide to get inside the home. When high levels of carbon monoxide fill the home, those inside the home can suffer with long-term illnesses, disabilities and even death, in some cases.

Carbon monoxide is often called the “silent killer.” According to the Environmental Protection Agency, more than 500 people die from accidental carbon monoxide poisoning each year, and many others suffer with effects caused by exposure to a low-level of carbon monoxide. The safe level of carbon monoxide in a house is less than 30 parts per million. Having digital security systems installed in your home can help detect carbon monoxide, so you are alerted to get out of the home if the levels are too high. With security companies in Miami monitoring your carbon monoxide levels, the risk of illness decreases dramatically.

Though carbon monoxide can fill a home any time of year, more deaths occur in the winter months from carbon monoxide poisoning because homes are closed up tightly making any carbon monoxide in the home harder to get out.

Some of the initial symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning resemble the symptoms of the flu. You might notice a headache followed by nausea and vomiting. You might begin feeling tired and experience sharp chest pains. If you attempt anything physical, you will feel short of breath. You can get dizzy enough to actually pass out. If the exposure to carbon monoxide is continuous, you may begin to feel an overall weakness in the body. You might begin to notice your muscles are weaker, and it can become difficult to walk. If you or anyone in your family experiences symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning, you should get to a hospital or doctor’s office immediately.

Illness and death due to carbon monoxide can be prevented by installing an approved alarm in your home or by hiring security companies in Miami that monitor this poisonous gas along with other safety and security hazards. The detector will monitor the levels of carbon monoxide in the home, and an audible alarm will sound if dangerous levels of this poisonous gas are detected. Carbon monoxide detectors are just as important as smoke alarms and should be installed in e very home.

Most carbon monoxide detectors are battery-operated and simply plug into a wall outlet. They are easily installed by following the manufacturer’s instructions. Even though a stand-alone carbon monoxide detector is good to have in the home, better protection is added by installing a detector to a home that has digital security systems installed. These devices are located on all levels of the home and are placed within 15 feet of all bedrooms.

If you or anyone in your family experiences symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning, seek medical attention immediately.