Rising Tourism Brings Rising Crime

Posted by Omega Security on November 19, 2012

Miami has become a trendy hot spot to live, work, and visit. This new status as a trendy city has brought a booming service and entertainment economy, government investment in infrastructure, and increased crime. But on the other side of the coin, Miami has seen a 14 percent increase in home invasions over the past three years. As more people come to Miami looking for a good time, experts believe home invasions will increase.

I should know. My home was broken into last year. Thankfully, I was able to restore my piece of mind and feeling of security by installing a home security system in my Miami home.

Had I installed surveillance cameras or had a home security system, I might have avoided coming home from a long graveyard shift to a home ransacked and vandalized; my prized possessions and family heirlooms gone without a trace. A phone call to the police only served to prevent sleep for many nights. I needed Miami Beach security 24 hours a day.

After doing my research and talking with others in my neighborhood, I learned that home surveillance cameras were much more affordable and reliable than I had imagined. I placed my call to Omega Security and within days, my home security system was installed and protecting my home.

Now, I’m an avid supporter of their service. Whenever I hear of a robbery or home invasion in my community, I tell them about the experience I’ve had. I tell them about my home being robbed and how the police couldn’t help until it was too late. I told them about the affordable prices and the feeling of security that comes with a home security system in the Miami-Dade area.

I even tell people about the fire protection package which can notify the fire department if there is a fire, even if I’m not home. My smart phone allows me to see my house and notifies me if the alarm sounds. I immediately am contacted by a professional Miami Beach security person who contacts the appropriate authorities.

I can even use my surveillance cameras to keep an eye on my kids when I’m not home. It’s nice to know I can put my worries aside, knowing that my family is safe and secure in a home protected every minute of every day.

South Florida and the Miami area are growing. We’re seeing new companies moving into the area, new opportunities to work, to play, to learn. If we can see these positive opportunities, you can be sure criminals are seeing the opportunities posed for mischief and criminal activity as a result of prosperity.

Being a travel town, people come into Miami for a few days before returning home. These tourist criminals are one reason home invasions, like the one I experienced, are on the rise. Having a professional home security system with surveillance cameras can be the difference between protecting your family’s home and losing everything you hold dear.

Isn’t it time you looked into an affordable home security system from Omega Security?