Protect Yourself from High Summer Crime Rates with a Home Security System

Posted by Omega Security on July 10, 2013

Many variables affect crime rates such as where you live, the level of law enforcement in the area and the social acceptability of criminal activity. However, a variable that many people don’t consider is the season. Crime rates seem to always go up in the hot months of summer, so taking a few precautions will help protect your property and your family during the summer.

Why do Crime Rates Go Up in Summer?

One of the many reasons that crime rates increase in the summer is it’s just easier to find a victim. When the weather heats up, many people leave their car windows and home windows open in order to cool things off. However, this creates an opportunity for criminals to easily enter your house or car without worrying about locks or breaking in.

Since children are usually out of school during summer, the chances of a child unwittingly letting a stranger into the house are also higher. In addition, no school means that the rate of juvenile crime is also higher.

In addition, heat tends to make people more irate, and it may also affect their judgment. If someone has been considering crime to help get them out of a bad financial situation, hot weather might drive them over the edge.

How can I Protect Myself?

There are some basic precautions that you can take to protect yourself in summer. For instance, you can put a lock on your windows that prevent them from opening beyond a certain point. Instead of leaving your car windows open, try using a sunshade in your windshield and back window, or try using a solar powered fan to keep your car cooler in summer. Warn your children never to open the door for strangers or tell anyone that is calling on the phone that their parents aren’t home.

Try to avoid conflict as much as possible in summer. Summer is a time for relaxation and having fun. In addition to increasing your chances of a violent encounter, getting into a conflict will also ruin any vacation fun that you’re trying to have.

If you believe that your child might get into trouble over the summer, try getting them into an activity or sign them up for a class or camp. One of the reasons that children get involved in criminal activity during the summer months is they have too much time on their hands. Another reason is the lack of adult supervision. Many adults only get a couple of weeks off in summer if they get any time off at all. This usually leaves children unsupervised for the bulk of the summer. Getting them involved in a hobby, class or camp where the child will be kept busy and supervised will lower their chances of getting involved in criminal behavior.

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