Protect Your Home While on Vacation

Posted by Omega Security on June 7, 2013

Everybody looks forward to taking the occasional vacation; a little downtime is good for anyone. However, constantly worrying about the house tends to diminish that much needed stress-free time. The good news is, there are steps you can take to protect your home whether you are away for a weekend or for several days. Follow the tips below and enjoy that much needed vacation knowing your home is safe.

1. One sign thieves look for to determine if residents are away on vacation is accumulating mail. To protect your home, even if you receive mail through a door slot, visit your local post office a few days before leaving and put a hold on your mail.

2. A growing collection of newspapers at your door or in your yard informs everyone you are away. Therefore, this is another service you may want to put on hold. If you prefer not to inform your carrier, then you may consider asking a neighbor to collect your newspapers.

3. Letting your alarm monitoring company know you are going to be out of town is also advisable. Most Miami security services will ask what your departure and return dates are and will ask for your contact information. Providing this information helps your home security service protect your house.

4. Let a trusted neighbor know exactly where you are going and provide him or her with your contact information. In addition, you should leave your neighbor’s contact information with your alarm monitoring service. This will ensure you are informed at the earliest opportunity should anything go wrong.

5. Ask someone to mow the lawn, if you are vacationing during the summer. An overgrown yard is another sign you are away from home. Having someone clear off the front steps, the driveway and paths to your house during the winter in snow-prone areas is advised as well.

6. If on an extended vacation of a week or more, informing your local police department is always a good idea. Once again, ensure you leave contact information, should the police need to speak with you for any reason. You may also want to inform them who provides your home security service to keep the lines of communication open.

7. Set timers on your radio or television and lights. Generally speaking, you should set the timer to follow your daily pattern, turning the lights and television on when you normally arrive home and shutting everything down at bedtime. Small steps such as these create the illusion someone is home and dissuades intruders.

8. As you walk out the door to leave for your vacation, double check to make sure the alarm system is set. A frightening number of people forget in all the chaos and excitement of going on a trip. Unfortunately, Miami security companies, such as Omega Security, cannot help protect your home if the monitoring system is not armed.

9. The final security step before leaving is to ensure all the windows and doors are locked. Do not forget to secure the garage as well. Thieves will check any and all entry points into a home, so all it takes is for you to overlook one window. Nothing destroys a beautiful vacation faster than a phone call from your home security service informing you someone broke into your home.