Prepare Your Digital Security Systems for Hurricanes

Posted by Omega Security on July 23, 2013

During hurricane season, families in Miami try to determine how they can protect their homes during natural disasters. Most digital security systems are designed to protect families until a power outage or a down phone line compromises them. This is why many people are using cell phones and VoIP to ensure they have a backup during a hurricane. Here are some tips from security companies in Miami to help prepare your digital security system for hurricane season.

1. Choose a Company with a Digital Cellular Communicator
A digital cellular communicator will ensure that the signals are communicated to the monitoring system even during a hurricane. If you have vacated your home, you will know if a door or window has been opened by wind or by burglar. This will prevent thieves from taking your personal items during a natural disaster. Unless a cellular tower is interrupted or damaged during a storm, service will continue. Some of the most popular devices operate on the GSM network.

2. Protect Your Phone Lines
If you have analog phone lines, protect them with reinforcements to prevent damage during a hurricane. This will ensure that protection remains even during a hurricane. Most people neglect to protect their phone lines preventatively.

3. Have a Battery Backup at All Times
During hurricane season ensure the battery in your security system is changed frequently. Test the system with the backup battery to ensure that it works properly. When you are prepared, you can avoid loss of service during a hurricane. Always keep a backup supply of batteries in your hurricane emergency kit to ensure your system remains operable.

4. Have a Disaster Recovery Plan if Your Digital Security System is Compromised
Keep in mind that, during a storm, fire and police will not be able to respond promptly. Most people wonder why they need to have a digital security system during a storm. When the system is triggered, it will provide documentation of the entry point opening without authorization. It can later be determined if it was the result of natural disaster or burglar. The insurance company will appreciate this type of information when you are filing a claim.

The disaster recovery plan should include who will execute the plan and the steps that should be taken to during a hurricane. Some steps may include switching to cellular-mode or battery-mode if the system is currently operated on analog phone. Other steps include ensuring everyone in the household knows how to respond to emergencies.

Prepare in Advance for Digital Security Systems for Hurricanes

Every homeowner should prepare in advance for hurricanes to prevent digital security systems from breaking down during the storms. This requires careful planning and practice. Every month, you should go over the plan to ensure efficient execution during a storm. During a disaster, you will be more prepared to handle home intrusion. Security companies in Miami can also provide more tips to prepare for hurricanes.