Miami Security and Reducing Bike Theft

Posted by Omega Security on November 6, 2013

As an increasingly popular mode of transportation, using a bike for a daily commute, exercise, or just for fun means that keeping a bike safe is more important than ever. More bikes on the road mean more theft, and ensuring the safety of these important vehicles means developing a reliable theft deterrent and home security strategy. The FBI suggests that thieves steal $350 million worth of bikes (and parts) every single year.
Use the following tips to ensure complete bicycle safety:

1. Don’t use a flimsy lock

A bike lock made of bendable or malleable cable is what thieves want to see because such devices offer almost zero security against someone with a pair of simple hedge cutters. The “U” shaped locks that are made of metal are a much better deterrent; however, even heavy duty metal locks don’t offer complete protection.

2. Get creative with lock placement

Cyclists in a hurry will often place a lock around the frame of the bike and attach it to a bike stand. This strategy leaves the tires unprotected, and a cyclist may come back to a wheel-free frame. Wrap the lock through the wheel’s spokes and the frame when securing the lock.

3. Don’t forget the accessories

Anyone who uses a bicycle for a commute will often have extras like lights and bells. These small items will be snatched quickly even if the rest of the bicycle is very secure. Using removable accessories is the only way to keep these items safe from thieves.

4. Buy extra locks

There are locks available for every part of a bicycle including the wheels. There are locks that will prevent the wheels of the bike from being removed without the assistance of a small key. However, this strategy does require a cyclist to keep track of a few extra keys to handle regular maintenance like flat tires.

5. Store safely at home

The same theft reduction projects used on the road should also be part of home storage. A Miami security system that features video surveillance will ensure the bicycle remains safe, and if the bike is stolen video evidence will point law enforcement in the direction of the thieves.

6. Use camouflage

Just like a car thief, a criminal who specializes in bicycle theft will know which bikes are worth the most and which will fetch a great price on the black market. A shiny, expensive bike is a huge temptation for a thief, but it’s easy to camouflage a bicycle with some paint.

7. Regularly check security and locks

A lock might fail after a while, and a home security system will require testing every so often. Make sure that the security measures taken are in good working order.

Lastly, sometimes all the prevention in the world can’t keep a bike from being stolen, even if a cyclist uses a half dozen locks and has the newest Miami security system on the market, but there are a number of things to remember during a search for a stolen bike:

  • Keep purchase receipts and serial numbers
  • Always file a police report after theft
  • Visit pawn shops with proof of purchase
  • Check Craigslist for shady bike dealers

Constant vigilance and smart security habits will ensure a bicycle is kept safe and sound with its owner.