Kids’ Safety Tips for Summer in Florida

Posted by Omega Security on May 27, 2013

With summer here, kids are out of school and at home all day, which means that certain measures have to be taken to ensure that they’re safe. If you are smart about it, protecting your kids during the summer months is not difficult, but you should be aware of certain dangers which commonly present themselves in summer, especially in Florida. If you take these safety tips for kids into consideration, you can ensure that your family is ready for summer safety in FL.

Protect Your Kids from the Sun

The intense heat in Florida makes the sun more dangerous here than other places in the US. Taking the appropriate measures to protect your kids from the sun will go a long way toward keeping them safe and healthy. Sunscreen should be mandatory if your kids want to play outside, so don’t hesitate to choose an appropriate SPF and apply it generously. Reapply often, especially if they are in a swimming pool or sweating.

Watch Out for Bugs

Mosquitoes are a real problem in FL, particularly in the evening. So when the sun starts to go down, trade that sunscreen for some bug spray. Keeping your kids protected from mosquitoes will help avoid painful bites and the chance of them getting a diseases like West Nile.

Make Strict Rules for the Pool

The pool can pose a great risk during the summer, which makes this one of the most important safety tips for kids. If there isn’t a lifeguard at your local pool, you should consider not allowing your kids to go swimming unless an adult is present. The chances of something going wrong at the pool are just way too high, and it would be beneficial for everyone if you were there to supervise. If you have a pool at home, make sure your kids are able to swim, and that babies cannot access the pool at all.

Consider Installing an Alarm

If you and your spouse are at work all day and there is nobody to watch the kids, you should look into installing an alarm system. This will protect your home and your kids from any intruders when you are not there. Many interactive systems allow you to log into the home’s security cameras to check in on what’s happening in your home as well, keeping summer safety in FL an easier task to accomplish.

Helmets are Imperative

If your kids like to bike, skate or skateboard, you should ensure that they are wearing helmets at all times. Almost 300,000 kids go to the ER every year for bike related injuries where the child was not wearing a helmet, and an unfortunate number of these cases resulted in death or serious brain injury, making this another one of the most important safety tips for kids.

Keep Everyone Hydrated

Going back to the fact that the weather is hot and humid in FL, you should remember that it is always important for kids to drink plenty of water throughout a day of playing in order to avoid dehydration or heat stroke. Buy them special water bottles that they will enjoy carrying around if you aren’t there to remind them to keep drinking water.

For more information about keeping your kids safe this summer, here is an extensive list of tips for both parents and kids:

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