How you can improve your home security through home improvement projects

Posted by Omega Security on April 16, 2014

Security features are among the most important home improvements a homeowner can make. For those planning to stay in the home, nothing can compare with the peace of mind provided by up-to-date security. For those hoping to sell, home security improvement features can clinch the deal, or the lack of them can kill it.

Many effective security features are just small, common-sense additions costing very little in comparison to the degree of security they bring.

Today, full security means more than just stopping intruders. Identity theft is a rapidly growing crime, and it is often accomplished by the theft of a single piece of mail bearing credit or banking information. Old-style mailboxes in front of a house offer no protection from this, but a mail slot in the door does. With a slot, the mail goes directly from the mail deliverer’s hand into the house, and no one has a chance to tamper with it.

Homeowners should make sure their home is clearly visible from the street and from other houses nearby. Full shrubbery may look nice, but it provides cover for approaching intruders. The same goes for walls, fences, arbors and other tall features. The remedy is to make sure there are spaces in these barriers through which the house can be seen. Space the shrubs apart and use picket or wrought iron fences instead of solid ones. The possibility of being seen is enough discourage many intruders.

The homeowner can make the most of this protection by installing adequate lighting around the house. Bright security lights on all sides are like spotlights shining on an intruder. Rather than risk such blatant exposure, most would-be burglars will simply avoid the house. A motion sensor turns on the lights when someone comes close to the house, giving the illusion that the home is occupied and the residents are aware of the intruder. The intruder knows this may not be true, but from his viewpoint, it is an unnecessary chance to take.

Fire is one of the most destructive intruders, and a good fire alarm system provides the remedy. A sprinkler system can be installed for a relatively low price, and it may save a fortune in valuable possessions in the event of a fire. These include smoke detectors and heat alarms set up in an organized system to monitor the whole house. Anyone can buy a smoke detector and hang it up themselves, but the most effective home security improvement is provided by a professionally installed full-house system.

For the most valuable objects in the home, a safe is the ideal storage place. The movies are full of “safe-crackers” who can get into a safe in minutes, but in truth, it is nearly impossible to open a modern safe without the combination. Any force strong enough to open the safe would probably also destroy the contents. The thief knows this and probably won’t even try, so a good wall safe is best for jewelry and other small valuables.