Home Security for Your Vacant Vacation Home

Posted by Omega Security on September 3, 2013

Your summer vacation home is your safe haven, a wonderful piece of paradise on Earth. When you need to get away from the pressures of the world, you want to rest assured that your home away from home will be waiting for you. As summer comes to a close, you also want the peace of mind that comes with security in Miami when your summer home is unoccupied. Take the following tips in home security to ensure this special place will remain safe while you are busy working or at your primary residence.

Don't Splash Your Plans on Social Media
We're all connected by social media these days. It's popular to give all of the details of our lives on Twitter and Facebook. However, when it comes to security in Miami involving your vacation home, don't inform everyone of your departure date. Criminals have become technologically savvy and they pay close attention to social media and will prey on unattended homes. If you're sharing the news that it's time to head back to the real world, pick up the phone and actually talk to someone.

Make Sure You Maintain Your Property
One of the most common ways to ensure home security is to make your home look lived in, and that applies to your summer home as well. Use timed lights that give the impression there is activity in your house. Make sure you hire someone to provide lawn services, trimming your grass and watering your flowers. An overgrown lawn and dead flowers is a giveaway that no one is home. If you receive the paper, stop deliveries once you're away. Make sure your mail does not continue to be sent to your vacation property. You don't want to leave any obvious signs that you have left your summer home vacant.

Secure Your Valuables
Be sure to take any valuables, such as laptops and jewelry, back home with you. Don't leave expensive items out in the open. If possible, put your television in a wardrobe to conceal it. If you have a large, flat screen television, it would be wise to stash it somewhere that is out of sight, such as the basement or a room where it isn't visible. Put expensive artwork and vases away as well. It is also recommended to cover your furniture with sheets or covers. If thieves take a look in your window, they'll have no idea is there is something worthwhile in your summer home.

Have a Good Security System
Never underestimate the power of a quality security system. Include a monitoring service and you will always have someone standing guard over your vacation home. In the event of an intrusion, fire, or carbon monoxide leak, first responders will be alerted immediately. Post signs on your home as well to alert any potential vandals and burglars that your home is protected; it will be a major deterrent. Include cameras and you can have evidence of any wrongdoing. You can even have access to your cameras through mobile devices once you have returned home. Another advantage to having a security system is the fact that you can get a discount on your insurance. While it's true that having a security system is an investment, it is worth having a secure vacation spot to come back to.