Fire Protection with One of the Best Home Security Companies in South Florida

Posted by Omega Security on May 17, 2013

Many people don’t believe that a fire could ever occur in their home, but a fire could strike at any time. In fact, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recently released a study showing that at least seven people in the United States die per year in house fires. Almost every house fire is an accident, but damage, injuries and fatalities can be avoided if you follow proper fire safety procedures.

Smoke Outside

If you want to have a cigarette, it’s best to do it outside. Fallen embers and poorly extinguished cigarette butts can easily cause fires. This is especially dangerous in the bedroom. The NFPA’s report stated that at least 25% of all household fires start in the bedroom. This is especially frequent with smokers, as some fall asleep with a cigarette in their mouths or hands.

Be Mindful While Cooking

One of the most obvious ways to start a fire is through the use of the oven, stove, grill or other cooking device. Always have at least one adult watching while food is cooking. If you need to leave the room and have no adult present to watch the food, turn off the cooking device. If something is simmering or takes hours to cook, remember to check it at least once every thirty minutes. Stay in the house while it’s cooking, and use a timer to ensure that you remove the food before it gets burnt or starts a fire.

Install Fire Sprinklers

While many houses are required by law to have smoke alarms, only about 6% have a sprinkler system installed in case of a fire. Sprinklers are very useful to extinguish fires if they occur in your home. If the fire is too large or out of control, the sprinklers can at least control the blaze before the fire department arrives.

Install and Maintain Smoke Alarms

Many homes are required by law to have smoke alarms on every floor, but you should install them in your home even if it’s not a requirement of the law. Smoke alarms can quickly alert you to the first signs of fire and allow you to get out of the house or extinguish the fire before it gets too serious.

It’s also important to remember to maintain the smoke alarms after they've been installed. A common practice is to change the batteries in each of the smoke alarms when it’s time to change the clocks twice a year. Make sure to test the alarm by pressing the test button to ensure that the alarm works.

Get a Monitored Smoke Detector

Traditional smoke alarms merely notify the occupants of the presence of fire. Omega Security’s home security in Miami offers a 24-hour fire monitoring system with our home security systems. Home security in Miami is not just about protecting yourself from intruders and burglars. It’s also about protecting yourself from emergencies such as fires.

Being one of the most trusted home security companies in south Florida, Omega Security’s fire monitoring system will alert both the residents and the central monitoring station of the presence of fire. The homeowners will also be remotely contacted if the fire occurs while no one is home. It is powered by the electrical system within the home instead of battery power to ensure that dead batteries are no longer a problem. The system also works together with your old smoke alarms to provide even more protection. If the old smoke alarms are triggered, the system will activate. It will also notify the residents when battery power is low on the old smoke alarms.

Practicing good fire safety is all about being mindful with heat sources and preparing your house and family for the possibility of a fire. If you want your house protected by one of the most effective and reliable home security companies in south Florida, contact Omega Security today.