Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a security/fire alarm system in FL?

Home security in Miami, and the safety of your family, should be your #1 priority. Homes and businesses without alarm systems are 3 times more likely to be burglarized.

What is a Central Monitoring System?

Omega Security of South Florida owns and operates our own monitoring center 24 hours a day. If your burglar alarm sounds for any reason, we receive the signal and contact you immediately. If necessary, we then contact proper authorities to have them dispatched to your house.

How do I know what security services I need?

One of our professional technicians can come to your home or business and customize a system to fit your Miami Beach security needs. We are a proud supplier of Honeywell security products.

How can purchasing a security system in South Florida SAVE me money?

Security in Miami is valuable. You can save money on your Homeowner’s Insurance when your house is protected from burglary and fire. Also, the value of the home tends to increase with a Miami security system in place.

What happens if I am not home and my alarm goes off?

We receive the alarm signal at our central monitoring station and use a provided emergency call list to contact you. If we cannot reach you or an incorrect password is given, we then call the police or fire department and send them directly to your home.

I have pets, will they set off the alarm?

Pets under 80 pounds generally will not set off the alarm.

I don’t have a landline phone, can I still get a security system?

No problem! We have security systems and products that communicate by internet or wireless cellular so you do not need a landline to get an alarm system.

I’ve seen security systems in South Florida that also control their electronics in the home like lighting and sound. Does Omega offer this?

Omega is one of the security companies in Miami that can integrate your security system with a home theater system, lighting, multi-room stereo system and home networking for your computers or home office.

What happens to my alarm system during a power failure?

With every Miami security system we install, we include a backup power supply to keep your system working during outages.

I already have a security system, why should I go through the hassle of switching?

When you have satisfied your current contract, we can convert your wired system to Omega’s Miami protection and begin your 24-hour monitoring immediately.