D.I.Y. Home Security May Save Money, But Will it Save Your Life?

Posted by Omega Security on February 21, 2014

“It can’t happen here.”

It’s a common mantra repeated all across the country, but the false sense of security it produces can be dangerous. The statistics are shocking. On average, a home burglary occurs every 13 seconds in the U.S., which translates to well over two million burglaries every year.

Residences that are monitored by a home security service are less likely to experience a break-in. Statistics say 300 percent less likely. There’s no doubt an effective security system is an essential tool for keeping your family safe, but it can be a costly investment.

DIY enthusiasts may be tempted to save a few dollars by adding “install an alarm system” to the weekend’s honey-do list, but there are a number of challenges and potential safety issues to bear in mind.

Installation Requires Special Skills

One big advantage a DIY security system can offer is the lack of installation fees. However, there’s a reason professional installers are recommended. Installing a security system is a complex task, and it must be done correctly in order to serve its intended function. Something as simple as an incorrectly connected wire could render the whole system useless, putting your family’s safety at risk.

Professional Monitoring Provides Peace of Mind

Another perceived advantage of a DIY system is the absence of a monitoring fee. Unfortunately, that also means that you’ll be missing out on a critical alarm system service offered by most security companies. Even if you decide later that you’d like professional monitoring, most reputable Miami security services do not offer monitoring for a home-installed system. You’ll be responsible for monitoring your own security system. This may not seem like an issue until you realize how often your home will go unmonitored while you’re at work, in the shower or otherwise unavailable.

DIY Installation Means DIY Maintenance

Even if you successfully install a home security system, your work is far from done. A security system requires routine maintenance to remain in proper working condition. This includes testing alarms, checking connections and other regular maintenance. If hardware needs to be replaced, you’ll need to purchase it yourself. Additionally, because most do-it-yourself systems only include the bare minimum, you may need to buy extra motion sensors, window sensors, cameras and other hardware.

DIY Home Security Comes With No Added Benefits 

A reputable home security service offers a number of features beyond just alarm monitoring. Most services offer a battery backup system and other redundancies, panic buttons, fire monitoring services and sometimes carbon monoxide monitoring. A professional service can contact the appropriate authorities immediately, ensuring you get the fastest possible response time in the event of an emergency.

Though you may be the kind of person who hates to pay others to do something you can do yourself, a professionally installed and monitored security system may be well worth the investment. Unfortunately, burglaries occur everywhere. Even here.