Adding A Camera Surveillance System Helps Stop Crime

Posted by Omega Security on February 14, 2013

Homeowners can lock their doors when they leave their house and believe that everything will be fine. Recently, an incident in Boynton Beach, Florida showed that this isn’t always the case. Two intruders broke into a person’s home and began going through the premises and stealing items. They picked up a Nintendo Wii and other electronic equipment. Meanwhile, the owner of the home was watching all of this happen on their home security camera surveillance system. While the robbery was occurring, she was logged on to the Internet at her office location, and watching the burglary take place in real time. Immediately, she was on the phone with the police and was describing what two burglars were doing. The police surrounded the home and those two criminals were nabbed. This incident shows the extra protection surveillance cameras in Miami can provide. Without having cameras installed inside of her house, this homeowner would have been robbed and two criminals would still be victimizing innocent Boynton Beach residents.

This real story shows the importance of adding extra protection to your home by installing security cameras in Miami, whether it be for your home or business. There are many benefits to contacting professionals such as Omega Security and having them professionally install a system for you. Peace of mind, assurance that your valuables are protected, and the ability to watch over your home via the Internet has many individuals installing these security units.

The area of technology and home security has really developed over the past few years. With the evolution of the Internet and the combination of security on the web, individuals can now use cloud services, analog cameras, IP cameras and hard drives to watch their premises, record what’s occurring and keep an eye on their valuables. Secure access is readily available through the cloud to a video stream running in real time at your home. Cameras connect to a unit, which is ported into a modem. This allows easy access for monitoring and observing any strange actions that may be happening in your home or business.

Analog cameras or IP cameras are the two main options for security camera systems. An IP camera is commonly used for video surveillance due to its high digital output. Analog cameras are typically used for closed-circuit television and would be suitable for monitoring the outside perimeter of a house. An Omega Security Specialist can discuss which option is best for your protection.

Security cameras and Miami surveillance systems can even store the recorded footage for later viewing. In the case of the story above, the video that was saved from the robbery was the icing on the cake that clearly showed what the criminals were up to. Stored video of a robbery can give authorities a description of what the criminals look like. This helps tremendously after a theft has occurred and an investigation is underway. It can be used as irrefutable evidence in a case against burglars.

Multiple sites can also be accessed and viewed from a single login. This is a convenient way to keep updated on action in several rooms of your home. If something suspicious is going on, you can take snapshots of it quickly and send it to an e-mail address. With the accessibility of cloud services, there’s no need for expensive servers to purchase or maintain.

Having a camera surveillance system installed as part of your home security system adds tremendous benefits to your protection.